At Aspen Learning, your child will receive exceptional one-on-one, in-home tutoring from our specialized teachers. While helping each student achieve their academic goals, our teachers also focus on skill building taking into consideration the emotional and social development of each student. Strengthening confidence and self-esteem help and empowering to take ownership thus leading to their academic growth and success.

Tutoring sessions are customized to meet identified learning objectives and areas for enrichment. Most importantly, our tutors use the most progressive and creative methods of instruction, utilizing a variety of supplemental resources and technology, to increase a student’s self-worth, personal development and joy.

Our Aspen Learning tutors will help your child:

  • Complete nightly homework in a time efficient manner
  • Understand the material thoroughly  
  • Prepare for test and quizzes, building essential test-taking skills
  • Learn 21st Century Skills
  • Strengthen time management abilities  
  • Develop effective study skills and habits
  • Build organizational skills
  • Improve critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving
  • Reach academic goals while improving confidence and self-esteem