At Aspen Learning, we recognize that there are many different types of learners, each with a unique combination of modalities, dispositions, strengths, interests, and motivators. There is not a one size fits all learning environment, which means that the traditional classroom may not be the best environment for every child. In many traditional classrooms, it is often challenging, and impossible, to teach to each student’s learning style. However, in a one-on-one, personalized homeschool setting, our teachers are able to align their lessons, activities, and curriculum with your child’s specific learning styles, goals, and interests. As a result, this customized approach yields a more productive outcome and creates an environment that fosters a love for learning.

Aspen Learning believes in a whole-child approach to education, focusing on the emotional, social, and academic developmental of each student. All three areas are essential in the growth and success of every child. Using the most progressive and innovative methods of instruction, our teachers create a learning environment where your child not only excels beyond core academic standards, but also develops the necessary skills to become an independent, lifelong learner.

Aspen Learning’s homeschool program includes:

  • Individual learning assessment, identifying modalities and dispositions

  • One-on-one, in-home instruction

  • Specialized homeschool teacher(s)

  • Customized curriculum based on your child’s goals, strengths, areas of growth, learning styles and disposition

  • Instruction aligned with your child’s personality and interests

  • Weekly progress updates

  • Established goals, objectives, and outcomes

  • Periodic assessments (in many forms)

Aspen Learning offers many opportunities for customization. Focusing on skills such as problem solving, creative thinking, and collaboration (21st century skills), our curriculum options include many opportunities for cross-curricular project based learning, which promote a deeper understanding and application of the content. We utilize an array of programming, depending on each individual child. Please ask us about the curriculum options and customization that might be best suited for your child. Our specialized homeschool teachers work with students who are enrolled in


As a leader in the homeschool community, we are passionate about utilizing the most innovative methodologies and programming, and creating an environment that inspires learning, fosters curiosity, and encourages creative thinking. Let us make learning fun for your child!