Academic Coaching

Aspen Learning ensures that all tutoring sessions include growth and enrichment, so our students become resourceful and curious learners. Whether it is learning how to approach word problems in an effective manner or utilizing a more efficient note-taking method, Aspen Learning employs the most progressive and successful teaching strategies to build lifelong skills and engage students in a higher order of thinking.

Areas of enrichment provided:

  • Critical thinking activities

  • Time management systems

  • Organizing an essay effectively

  • Note-taking strategies

  • Literary analysis graphic organizers

  • Spatial intelligence games

  • Analyzing current events

  • Unique association and pneumonic memorization methods

  • Reading comprehension strategies

  • Problem solving techniques

  • Collaborative learning

  • Integrative and differentiated learning

  • Emotional intelligence activities

  • Constructivist learning

  • Spelling and vocabulary activities

  • Successful verbal and written communication techniques

  • Effective test preparation