Aspen Learning is in it’s 17th year providing education and enrichment to the Los Angeles area. We are built on the promise of progress and growth for all students. We recognize that every child can learn and every child learns differently and independently. Education does not come in a one size fits all model. That’s why at Aspen Learning, we offer many different programs and options that meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of each individual student.

Taking a holistic, 21st Century Skills based approach to learning, we focus on the “whole child”, cultivating a deeper understanding of each child’s goals, strengths, and intrinsic motivators. This, along with our ability to utilize differentiating instruction, allows our teachers to develop a relationship with each child and create a learning environment necessary in building lifelong skills, which are the foundation to becoming a successful, independent learner beyond the classroom. This is the Aspen Learning difference, and one that separates us from other tutoring and homeschool educators.