Why Tutoring?

In today’s rapidly moving academic environment filled with high enrollment and fast paced content, a supportive and individualized connection with an academic mentor is invaluable to fostering a student’s positive relationship with school as well as academic achievement. Successful tutoring helps students develop essential life skills, including efficient strategies for organization, study skills, memory, and time management. Tutoring through a skills-based approach promotes measurable, positive results, not only academically but also emotionally.

Engagement with students on a one-on-one level encourages students to develop a genuine curiosity in content. This active, skills-based approach to learning stimulates confidence and autonomy in the learning process. This in turn makes learning enjoyable and empowering for students. With growth in confidence, comes piece of mind and reduced stress and anxiety, which is so important in this current academic environment. Aspen Learning’s customized approach to tutoring focuses on the individual student’s emotional, social, and academic development, supporting each student with the skills and strategies necessary to become independent, confident learners.

Studies have shown that the prefrontal cortex of the brain, responsible for executive functioning skills such as attention control, cognitive flexibility, and working memory, does not fully develop until well into adulthood. This means that time management and organization, two essential 21st Century Skills, can be challenging for some students. Therefore, supporting, modeling, and providing encouragement in the areas of organization and time management from one-on-one tutoring help support and develop the growth of executive functioning skills in students. With a thorough, easy to follow organizational plan and strategies to aid in effective studying, students will view their studies in a more manageable way. This fosters the positive, confident outlook needed in order to reach their educational goals.     

Aspen Learning’s tutoring approach not only helps students thrive with their academics at home, but our tutors actively strive to promote strong study habits, test preparation, note-taking, active listening, and class participation in school. Aspen Learning’s educators promote self-advocacy in our students, giving them the confidence and strategies to become successful, independent learners. By encouraging growth in communication and increased confidence, students learn to communicate with teachers in an effective way, gaining clarity in their studies, and promoting accountability. 

Our tutoring philosophy is based on developing a positive, respectful, and trusting relationship with our students and families. We have a highly specialized and creative team of educators who understand the importance of differentiating instruction as each student learns differently. The attention given to each student along with our creative teaching methodologies and approach result in meaningful and exceptional student/tutor relationships, which lead to success in the classroom and beyond.

For additional information or if you’d like to continue the conversation, please email us at info@aspen-learning.com.

Happy Learning!

The Aspen Team